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Tarpon season is getting to be in full swing. The weather yesterday around Key West was a little bleak with a front bearing down on us and overcast skies. Still I decided our best shot at tarpon on fly was in the Marquesas. The Marquesas atoll is 22 miles from Key West harbor and can be the best place to fish for migrating and layed up tarpon during the season. It’s a long ride and the 8 mile stretch of Boca Grande Channel is no party when the wind and the tide are not agreeing. Most guides have at least one horror story from the crossing but when you get there you will see it is all worth it.

Don’t get me wrong though, the Marquesas is a great place to fish but so are the lakes, backcountry and oceanside flats of the Lower Keys. The Marquesas is very fragile and for it to be there to fish for years to come we need to be careful with the fishery now.

Lately there have been many articles written about the Keys and the Marquesas. Many can provide a mothership to spend a few days out there fishing in comfort. There is also great reef and wreck fishing a short trip away. It is no doubt a magical place and if you fish and if you fly fish, be sure to visit.

My angler ended up jumping 12 fish on fly yesterday and landed 3. It was a pretty good day of fly fishing if you ask me.