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Tarpon fishing is the name of the game from now through June as the migration continues. It’s a touchy time of year as there are so many guides competing for space on a flat with migrating tarpon. They mostly come across the ocean flats this time of year and the days of poling deeper flats in search of the silver king are far from over.

I got my anglers up early yesterday and headed out to the Marquesas. The wind and tide were with us on our 8 mile crossing of Boca Grande channel. It was still dark when we got there and it seemed as though I was the first boat out there at long last. We casted to rolling tarpon as the sun was coming up. Third cast and my angler was hooked up. Hooray! We fed a lot of fish early and then the wind was starting to howl. Tarpon fishing has been spotty this year. Great days and then okay days, the fish are here they are just being ultra picky. It brings be back to the vise every day to tie something new for them to look at.

We worked our way back from the Marquesas through the ocean side flats and into the backcountry before finding some giant tarpon that would eat. My angler casted out and had one giant fish follow the fly, eat it and spit it out all in one continuous motion. He just stood there in awe, not setting the hook. Ah well, tomorrow is another day…

Capt. Justin Rea
Sting Rea Charters