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If you think it’s easy being a fishing guide in the Florida Keys – – think again especially the past week or so. It’s surprising that more of our guides have not become kiteboard instructors or even yet just decided to hit the hopping flat or go to the White St. Pier for some high flying fun! Yes…. it has been windy – not just windy – nuclear!

It’s not all bad though. There has been a small craft advisory in affect for quite some time now. It’s just a regular occurrence these days. ¬†Our seasoned fishing guides know how to drive a skiff in rougher weather. Well, most do.

I’d say to fish on the flats this week you must have an open mind to it all. The fish are still there – it’s just a rougher ride getting there and dealing with heavier wind. Fly fishing is not for whimps this week. My advice, wear several layers of clothing, a sun gaiter and a hat. That way the fly has other things to penetrate first besides your skin. It’s a chuck and duck kind of day out there. BUT there’s tarpon, permit, bonefish, cudas and sharks to be had. I’ve seen them all with my own eyes!

Offshore the name of the game is not to get sick I think. No, seriously – there’s been some good yellowtailing just off the reef and the deeper water holds some kings and a few mahi but not like it really should be this time of year. A regular April offshore will be superb for sailfish with live bait or trolling. Some of the light tackle boats will make the journey 20 – 50 miles to the shrimp boats in the Gulf for some tuna action. Not only are there some fatty tunas there but bonito and of course the sharks.

Look for the winds to die down this weekend. We just had clearing skies this afternoon and that’s all it takes to make the fish and the guides happy once again.